Commercial Real Estate and Land

Commercial Real Estate and Land

Commercial Real Estate and LandCommercial Real Estate and LandCommercial Real Estate and Land

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Development Land


Taking commercial real estate to its highest-and-best use is always a gratifying challenge.  It all seems simple when looking at the dirt but there's so much more... land planning, zoning, platting, deed restrictions, utilities and easements, etc.

Having long-standing relationships with title companies, engineering firms, municipal representatives are always of value. A knowledgeable consult on the front end a brief feasibility study can save a lot of time and trouble.


Farm & Ranch

 With an emphasis on farm production land, from an income approach. As the farming industry evolves, many are making long-term investments that will yield returns far into the future. The best example is the grape industry, primarily in Terry county. As vineyards mature they become "improvements" to the land. And, they are more water-conservative than traditional, annual row-crops. Water conservation, advanced farming methods and innovative crop planning paint a bright future for the South Plains. 


Improved Property


Determining value by means of the income approach and also the replacement cost approach, as it applies to the seller, the end-user and the investor. Whether it be industrial, retail, multi-family or hotel, we have the experience to drill down into every project.

And don't forget common sense, a lot of people do when it comes to income property. An assessment of past performance and future projections can be a valuable part of a feasibility study.